Pain is gain?

Why do I find it hard to remember everything that happened in a week, even if it’s barely even finished yet? Is it because nothing very significant happened, or because we were TOO busy? Neither, really.

Using the word for the week “full”, one could say that it was a week “full of sore muscles”, for everyone in this house! Sam is the sorest, since he doesn’t want to schedule in recovery days, in case he stops and never starts again. I had to actually give up my plan to strength train yesterday, knowing that sore muscles means you’re exercising too much. Today though, it’s time for one more Interval Walking Workout.

Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying relaxing afternoons outside, acting like I’m on holidays. That used to be the only time I would read a novel in the afternoon (sticking to bed-time reading during normal times). I keep thinking that it’s best to take advantage of the nice weather while it’s still here. When it starts being dark fairly early, that will be the time to start working on all those photos–they’ll remind me of the summer!

And by then we should be finished every single move-in job there is to do. Today, after regular cleaning, it’s to check the paint that the previous owner left, since I may have to decide NOT to move some picture-hanging nails if there is no paint to fix the hole.

Have a wonderful long weekend!!

summer prof 2014

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