Waste not, want not

Still absolutely loving this new home of ours, there are some things to be patient for that I miss:

  • an outside thermometer to check when I sit down with my first coffee in the morning;
  • something missing in the Small Guest Room… a charming chair?
  • something on those blank, white walls in the Master Bedroom.

The other thing I’m longing for and can hardly wait for, is getting involved in something at church! It’s been so, SO long. The Met has a huge list of things starting up for the Fall, so I’m excited to finally get going on that, probably this Wednesday.

Pastor Jay’s summary of Stephen’s sermon (Acts 7) is fitting. He (Stephen) reminded the Israelites about three things that were very special to them, that they unfortunately were often tempted to worship: the Promise Land, the Law, and the Temple.

“Blessing” is often used in conjunction with the land, but Abraham was blessed long before he even reached the Promised Land. The “Blessing” is where God is: remember how Moses had to take his shoes off because he was standing on holy ground–that wasn’t even IN the Promise Land!

The Law was simply a tool to point them to their need for Messiah; and the Temple, well, we know from history what happened to temple after Jewish temple! But lets not point fingers, because I remember how much we all thought of our Sanctuary at our old church. It was so beautiful! And when there was the possibility of giving it up, well, that was almost impossible to think about.

I can also understand how one could get obsessed with “the Law”. All those beautiful words, that one could wish to keep reading again and again, and talk about over and over, but never actually get Out There to put that “law” into practise!

And of course “the Land”: we could have insisted that Toronto was our own “Promise Land”; OR we could have thought that once we got to Ottawa that everything would be just perfect. But the Blessing is where God is! And that should be within.

The Israelites had all these things, but they “squandered” it (see the Message, lol). So the idea is: “Don’t waste your life”! Don’t waste your blessings, don’t waste your pain.

There we go, word for the week: waste! :)

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