Enjoying it, not wasting it.

If I put this photo on Facebook, these girls might feel like shooting me, even though no one else would see anything wrong with the photo. So it’ll be a little more hidden here (I’m learning!):

Groups line girls Aunt Emmy Club GROUPS TRAILBLAZERS 007These are the girls I “wished good luck” as they start University/College today (or around today); although I didn’t mention the girl on the right end, since we didn’t know her as long. As far as I know, they’ve all become lovely young women of God! And the only way they’re going to make it through this next “fun” portion of their lives, is to depend on Him, for sure.

Anyway, I’m NOT sitting here moping about getting old, or about how the years have flown by. I’m just thankful to have something that pulls me into the excitement of a new school year. Can’t wait to see all those “first day of school” pictures, and hear about the little ones just starting out. Otherwise, one could have almost forgotten about these things!

summer prof 2014

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