How was YOUR week?

If you were making up a meme to answer about your week, what would your questions be? How about these ones:

  1. What’s the first thing you think of, when you try to remember this past week?
  2. What happened that was either different from routine, and/or unplanned?
  3. List the things that you are thankful for, from this week.

My answers:

1. We changed our usual two diet days, but I can’t remember why. :s Something to do with Labour Day. It was fun seeing all the “Back to School” posts on Facebook.

2. Different from routine:

  • We had a friend from Toronto drop in on his way by after dropping off his son for University.
  • Rej & I saw the doctor about our ears (two different problems).
  • I made Peach Squares.

Unplanned: We made an emergency trip into the Shop, as Sam noticed that some of our bitcoin machines had shut down.

3. Thankful for:

  • The problem with those machines was simple and quickly solved–a plug bar/octopus had shut off.
  • Thankful for doctors and their wisdom.
  • Peach Square season, mmmmm.
  • Getting back into my running workouts–the one-minute interval for the first week sure was easy!

OK, those last two questions kind of went together, so we’ll have to fix that for next time. ;)  Oh, and why didn’t I just look over my posts for the week, to refresh my memory? Maybe that would be cheating.

summer prof 2014

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