and I don’t even like seafood…

There’s a couple who stopped coming to our church way back in the 90’s, who every time I see them since then–which is very rarely, even on Facebook–it chokes me up a little. I’m not sure why.

Maybe it has something to do with their warm and open personality (they were in our small group), or maybe it’s because of that era of our lives: Sam was still small (they have a daughter the same age). I think they were the first Chinese people we were close to.

Speaking of these things–Chinese friends from our small group who we miss–I don’t even want to think about the more recent ones.

My secret fantasy is that my son will someday find a sweet little Chinese girl to marry. My perspective is small perhaps, but sometimes I wonder if we might eventually discover that all of God’s angels are Asian. ;)

summer prof 2014

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