busy beavers

We’ve managed to get quite a bit done in the last several days:

  • finished reading the manuals for this new home;
  • put a sealer on the garage floor to protect from winter salt (which we found out about from the manuals);
  • ordered a new cover for our hot tub;
  • visited the hot tub store and left a request for parts;
  • got curtain rods in place for Sam’s room and bought the curtains (they just have to be trimmed/hemmed);
  • bought a new Lazy Boy for Rej, since we had to go and get more springs for Sam’s chair anyway;
  • fixed the pictures on the wall and painted the holes;
  • got set up with stereo and speakers, upstairs and down;
  • attended both a Newcomers’ Reception and a Newcomers’ Class at The Met, and promised our home for small group meetings;
  • crocheted a winter purse for myself–just have to add more sections, linings, and sew it up.

All that’s left to do soonish, is that trip to a tree nursery to figure out the last of my trees, and of course sew up those curtains (and the purse). I’m also feeling the need for a shopping trip for new clothes, but maybe by the time I get to that, it’ll be a different season–so what I have might do.

Today’s Old Photo is a reminder that we’ve been sitting around bonfires for years and years–this is from the early 1980’s. We happen to be going to my parent’s place this weekend… not the one shown in the picture, which was in Quebec. It may be too cold for bonfires though!

fsit 1986 IMG_0293

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