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Just for fun and to hear the pastor’s wife speak, I went to the women’s evening Opening Gala last night, at The Met. They had chairs set up in the gym, in several large semi-circles, and to encourage even more mingling, they had a table full of various popcorn flavours, a table with a chocolate fountain (and lots of goodies to dip, including cream puffs!), and a couple of tables with drinks–tea, coffee, water, and a punch fountain.

I explained to one lady that I might not go every Wednesday, because there was a prayer meeting going on at the same time. Moving on around the room, I met another lady, who explained that she might not come every Wednesday, because there’s a prayer meeting going on at the same time. ;)

We kept asking each other, as we mingled, “have you been here before?” And the answer was very often, “No, it’s my first time.” I did meet another lady who has been coming for about 5 months–she moved recently from Ottawa East, to Osgoode. When I said that sounds very familiar, she said “It’s between North Gower and Kemptville”, which is exactly how I explain where my parents live! Although, I wouldn’t say that they are in Osgoode.

Believe it or not, she was actually in a small group that meets out there in North Gower! It’s only about half an hour away. I did find our Newcomers’ class teacher (who hugged me cheerfully), and she said they even have small groups out in Gatineau, among other places she mentioned that I don’t remember. Well, what do you expect when there are 56 small groups!? (And she reiterated that number to me–I hadn’t heard it wrong–56!)

This church is just exploding. On Sunday they started a new men’s group, where they were expecting some 100 men. They had over 200! I guess there are around 200 ladies who go to the daytime Women’s group, mixture of young mothers and older ladies; whereas the evening group is young to middle-aged. They both have several classes that you sign up for. And they’re not things like “How to be a successful woman in today’s world”, but mostly Bible studies. I think there were about 7 classes for the Evening Edition, including an Alpha “for Women” (and The Met has another Alpha on Thursdays).

I was going to say a few more things, but this is getting kinda like the subject matter, “MEGA”. :)

OH, that lady who lives in Osgoode? They have chickens and eat fresh eggs. Isn’t that cool!? And they have friends who live on my parents’ road.

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