Worship in the kitchen.

As we sat around the table at Mom and Dad’s Saturday night, the three of us with my brother and his fiance (and Mom and Dad of course), I asked “What are we celebrating?” We decided it might be the 100 K run that my brother is training for (the Sears for kids’ cancer thing). But it might well have been a celebration of the start of the Last Week of Summer!

What are you doing this week to celebrate? Or are you mourning? I might go to Value Village today and get a couple warmer pairs of pants; and later in the week maybe I’ll get a chance to check out a local tree nursery to see if I can find out what the other trees are in my backyard. Yes, those are both good ways to commemorate the last week of summer, I think!

We had a weekend full of Frustration. Have you ever played that card game? It has 19 hands, and takes a couple of days to complete. Very fun, no matter how many are playing, even if you lose. Mom won, so I guess she loves it!

Now, to continue the thoughts I was sharing from Hebrews 13 (see previous post): it was about not being part of the “insider world”. The idea is about going out, rather than waiting for people to come in, which is something we’ve often talked about before. The next verses (Hebrews 13:15-16) explain what that might look like–an attitude of thankfulness to God, and working and sharing “for the common good”. These things are the real “religion”, in other words, seen as acts of worship–taking the place of the animal sacrifices of the Old Law.

“…God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship… that take place in kitchen and workplace and on the streets.”

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