It’s a beautiful Summer Day!

OK, so someday maybe I’ll realize that Thursday is supposed to be the day to post old pictures (or is that just for Facebook). This was taken when we lived at Crossroads in Toronto, our first home together.

houses inside furniture table 078 memories 39 - 1980I’m not sure why the photo was taken, but I note several things about it:

  • Rej was in his mid-twenties.
  • We don’t put tall, skinny candles around any more, just to be on the safe side.
  • It’s been forever that Rej would never allow a candle to be lit in front of him (sensitive nose)–he must have been in love!
  • We used to drink a large glass of milk with our supper every day.
  • That wallpaper is “cork look”–a prevalent style of the day.
  • We are now using that very table, in our kitchen today!
  • (What in the world were we using in the kitchen, since this is the dining room, and that condo apartment had a larger kitchen than our (next) town home did?!)

DO SOMETHING special, to celebrate the last weekend of the SUMMER!!


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