Enjoy each other!

Descriptives for this week: Shopping and Shop-ing (meaning by that last term, work-related things). I also figured out the rest of my trees; and picked up wall paint and finished that job.

Imagine, $28 for a quart of Aura paint just to dab a couple of spots! At least we didn’t have to buy a whole gallon–while I was in the store (huge, fancy, Benjamin Moore), I overheard a lady talking on the phone. Apparently their top-of-the-line paint is “Aura”, and it costs $72 a gallon!! So I guess we’ve got good quality paint on our walls! That would be why it looks like it was just painted, even though it was done 3 or 4 years ago. I’m also thankful that the previous owner left that empty can with the phone number of the store on it, and the code for the right colour blend. He also left all the other colours, of which there was some left of each (that one can being the only one that was empty).

Speaking of work. I’ve switched from Bible-reading plans (no, that’s not the work I’m referring to), to just reading very slowly: only as much as seems fitting each day, which will be different depending on the day and the verses. I read some from the New Testament and some from the Old, both using The Message, since I’ve read the other versions often enough, and will likely use them in any studies we might do at church. And as I mentioned, I use a commentary with the Old Testament reading, which helps to keep me focused. (Believe me, I can read out loud and not even listen to what I’m reading!)

Now, what I was going to say about work: remember how God rested from his work of Creation on the 7th day. My commentary says that he didn’t rest because he was tired, but because he wanted to take pleasure in what he’d done. That’s a great idea for us all to do, but then the guy goes on to talk about a day for holiness. That got me thinking… wasn’t everything holy already, at that time? And even now, isn’t everything we do in everyday life supposed to be holy? But if he means by “holy” that we’re supposed to spend some special time just thinking about God–that would be like taking pleasure in each other, God included in the circle (like he was before the Fall).

Beyond that though, how wonderful that God insists we get some regular rest. And that “rest” can be just time spent enjoying each other.

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