You can thank me for all that warm weather that’s slated for this week: I put away my outside summer lounge-chair. And TODAY is still summer! Until tonight.

This is the kind of weather where you don’t know whether to wear short pants or long, sit in the sun or the shade, run in the morning or the evening. Don’t depress yourself thinking about winter now–just enjoy the brisk, cool, enlivening days of Autumn… when they come (not this week!)

Do you have anything out-of-the-ordinary planned for this week, or will it just be routine? Or do you ever have a routine week? Perhaps I should say, does your week ever go according to plan! For us, this week will be one of connecting with old friends.

Speaking of friends and connections, it was pretty exciting yesterday to go to our church’s special day for getting connected with a small group. Who knows which of the people we met will be “friends for years & years”? That was only the leaders we met–next week we’ll likely meet our group. It’s like the birth of something.

Meanwhile, I’m finally starting to see some faces I recognize, which one could wonder if it was ever possible (minus a small group), in such a big church!

summer prof 2014

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