Get out of your palace!

Eden was not a palace, but a garden. :)  As Matthew Henry says, “God… desired not only Adam’s profit, but his pleasure.” Why else did he put in the garden “trees beautiful to look at and good to eat.” (Genesis 2:9) It’s going to be such a lovely, sunny week, hopefully everyone will get a chance to get out and enjoy all those beautiful trees!

As far as the “good to eat” part, mmmmm!! There are SO many things you can do with apples, never mind taking a delicious bite out of a plain, sweet MacIntosh! It’s the season for apple cider (SO good cold or warm, when it’s fresh), apple cake, baked apples, my mom’s apple pie in a couple of weeks…

And as the mornings keep getting cooler, it’ll soon be time to turn on the fireplace, with our morning coffee.

Today though, it’s “memories of summer” for me, as I go out into the over-bright jungles of the marketplace, searching for bathing suits; and “hopes for spring”, as I check for one of those trees God made for pure enjoyment: a lilac bush to plant.

Have a wonderful First Day of Autumn!


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