What we Get to do

Did you know that Adam was given the job of tilling the ground BEFORE he sinned and disobeyed God? And to think that even Paradise required work! (Genesis 2:15) Or, to put it another way, God knows that it would not be a very good paradise if there was nothing to work at. :) How wonderful that he includes us in the job!

I got to plant my Lilac bush yesterday. *excited jumping up and down* Of course, there are already lots of lilacs in my neighbourhood, but I can’t pick those blooms in the Spring.

That brings the move-in jobs down to only one or two now. Since I do my sewing by hand, Sam’s curtains will keep me busy during cold, watching-tv sort of nights. The other “job” is to buy myself a couple of new bathing suits. Yes, it’s a job, and yes, it has to do with our new home. Since we now have a hot tub. There are lots of things I could use for a bathing suit, but who wants two pieces when you’re taking them on and off every night; and flowing tops would be way too much dripping. Onesies work, only when there are no visitors. And they’re just as hard to find as one-piece bathing suits, these days!

What’s your favourite work to do? I like sweeping… there’s such a feeling of satisfaction to collect up all that dirt and get rid of it, and then to see the nice clean floor. Weird eh? But one of my favourite jobs-to-be-like-my-Creator-God, is to crochet–like the purse I’m almost finished working!


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