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Yesterday I was just loving EVERYTHING–the early morning run, my parents dropping in for a few minutes, the excellent job my robot did of the carpet upstairs, how nicely my tile floors wiped up… Today I’m STILL getting distracted by that amazing photo I “found” in the sunrise (even though I took it, it turned out beautiful through no skill of mine), which is now my Facebook cover photo.

That’s something else I love, all those gravel pathways with all that nature around them, as well as people’s beautiful homes & gardens on the other side of fences.

I’ve said these things a few times, but just to sum up, everyone in Ottawa is:

  • either a government worker,
  • or a dentist,
  • and they must all be FARMERS, since there are fields EVERYWHERE you drive, and one often gets stuck behind TRACTORS, even on the main roads!
  • Oh, and they ALL go biking, with their families!

Just this morning I read about my brother meeting his son, on their bikes. The high school friend I met up with? Her husband bikes miles and miles just to get where he wants to go, since she usually has the car. My brother bikes miles and miles just for the sake of doing it. Rej’s niece bikes to work every day. And on it goes!

It must be a scheme of OHIP: make all these fantastic bike paths around the capital city, and put in lots of bike lanes on the roads, and people won’t be able to resist biking everywhere. That will make them so healthy that we won’t have to pay for so much health care. Or, maybe they’re expecting a coming crisis in which we will have to give up our gas-powered vehicles. That could be some kind of war somewhere, or the economy, or how about just the climate troubles, the environment?

Yeah, but I’d rather walk. Or how about we all rent horses… now that would be fun!


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