Enjoy your life!

Ahhhhh, another blissful morning run! And it looks like I’ll be able to do my other interval-runs this week in the morning as well. The warm temps will be there, hopefully the sun will be too, so that I’m not running in the dark! As it is, I have to wait until 7 am for enough light; and then I get to watch the sun rising on the way back.

We made the summer come back by:

  • putting away my favourite summer lounge-chair,
  • finishing my crochet winter purse,
  • turning off the air conditioner (it’s back on now),
  • planting a new bush (lilac), to take in the Fall rains.

Meanwhile, we’ve got several exciting things planned over the next couple of weeks, since Sam has a visitor from Toronto: Air & Space Museum, Oktoberfest, making pickles… and Nanny & Pappy’s Thanksgiving!

To sum up, what can be better than simple pleasures! I love this article, that reiterates that; telling us that we should approach life as an innocent child, enjoying the simple things. Take the stress out of your life by finding ways to simplify the complicated things. (Matthew 18:3)


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