Sum it up and finish it. Maybe.

Two years ago I wrote about some amazing memories about the tiny church we had in Quebec, when I was a teenager. Fun to remember!

This year has certainly been one of memories. I’m feeling the need to summarize some, while they’re still fresh in my mind.

May 5th:

  • 1938 – Rej’s Mom & Dad were married.
  • 1987 – We found out we were pregnant.
  • 2014 – We sold our Toronto home of 33 years.


  • When Rej phoned me in the truck with the news that our offer for this house was accepted–it was real, we were moving. And we got the house we really wanted.
  • Tears of HUGE relief when we pulled away from 83 Glencoyne Crescent for the very last time (U-Haul packed “to the gills” on back). It had been such a looooong haul! In retrospect, not that long, but we worked so very hard and constantly at it.
  • More tears of relief when we got the email from the lawyer a few days later, saying the sale of our home had successfully been completed. I didn’t realize how worried I’d been that something would go wrong, and they would back down, complaining about something we’d done at the house. (It’s happened to others!)

Incredibly Wonderful Feeling:

  • The first morning I woke up in our new home, and realized the rising sun was coming through our bedroom window. And then flooding the kitchen.
  • The day that My Chair was finally in place; maybe this was the moment that it “felt like home”.
  • Those first few days of feverish unpacking-work, when Rej got the hot tub ready, and we lowered our weary bodies into it–ahhhhh!!
  • Those first few times of Mom & Dad being able to “just drop in” (actually, I’m not over that one yet! :) )

Do you think I’ll ever be finished talking about this?


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