Throwing lights in the garbage

What is the first word that comes to your mind, when you think of this passing week? Mine: pickles.

That was the Big Different Thing that we did this week, back on Tuesday. We made sweet cucumber relish, dill pickles, and a small recipe of sweet pickles. Rej says they’re all good, but then he loves ALL food (except raisins, lemon, alfredo sauce, dates, Black Forest Cake…)! We had bbq sausage last night just so I could try the relish, and it was pretty good.

In the next few days we’re going to be winterizing some things. Maybe that’ll bring summer back again. We’re still enjoying the hot tub of course. And we’ve already begun the tv-watching. Rej & I are into Downtown Abby; because, you know, we have to keep up on things.

Speaking of that, this morning we realized that our original plan about changing the light bulbs in this place (“replace them when they burn out”), would be just stupid. Why spend $50 odd dollars on hydro vs $3? We did bring a bunch of CFLs with us from Toronto, so we’ll get those in right away–and into the garbage go the still-working incandescents. However, there are quite a few dimmable lights in the house, and the expense for these new dimmable LEDs still seems way out there.

LEDs are definitely the cheapest for hydro though, so maybe we can replace some of the others with them–just a few of the non-dimmable lights, that we use a lot. A lot of our dimmables are halogen, so at least that’s not quite as bad. Except for the halogen pole lamp that we have: that has to go, and soon! Apparently they heat up so much that they spoil any hydro savings. So I get to shop for something new. :) (Unless the one Dad found is good.) Oh, and that will go for the incandescent outdoor Christmas lights we have as well. Another thing for the garbage, even if they still work!


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