being Honest & Open

There are a couple of things about myself that really get me down sometimes: my seeming inability (or should I say “unwillingness”) to get into face-to-face discussions with non-Christ followers about their need for Christ; and my “inability” (again, more like lack of willpower) to lose weight. And in the darkness of an early morning, after stepping on the scales, one could succumb to being downright depressed! One of the “evil” suggestions that enters one’s brain? Maybe I just don’t really have faith.

Then I open a message from my high school BFF, in which she reminds me how I first attracted her to God way back then, because she’d see me in the hallways of school and think “wow she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her reading her Bible”. Yes, that was a long time ago, but it’s still something to hold onto!

And the weight thing… maybe I should just gain a bunch of pounds, so that I can especially minister to people who are overweight. You know, in order to identify with them properly.

Just kidding!


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