Eating and Talking: Priceless!

I’m quite sure that wherever you celebrated Thanksgiving Dinner, it included great food, probably a walk to enjoy the Colours, and maybe even a bonfire to sit and chat around. But, did YOU gather around a long line of dining tables, card tables, picnic tables, to eat outside?

We left it until the last minute to decide, knowing that 24 people inside would be very, well, close. Noisy. Confusing. Sure we could have picked up everything (my parent’s roasted turkey, my Mom’s wonderful turkey gravy, my brother’s scrumptious mashed potatoes, my other brother & his wife’s to-die-for French Canadian meat pies, our own bbq’d Thanksgiving Carrots, and Mom’s delicious apple and pumpkin pies–my sister’s hot chocolate recipe was already enjoyed before dinner), and come to our place, but that’s over a half hour away. Still, planning dinner early that way perhaps allows that option. As long as it doesn’t rain and doesn’t get too cold though–it was quite wonderful eating outside!

The walk happened while the carrots were cooking and hot chocolate was warming up in the slow cooker, and sitting around the fire afterwards was the perfect place to dish out the pie. I finally solved my yearly dilemma about which pie to have: giving up the whipped cream means I can allow myself BOTH!

The BEST thing of all, was the chit-chat. I’m not very good at “mingling” at a party, but when everyone there is Family, and all my Family is there (just a couple of husbands missing, and one nephew & family)–it makes me feel like a social butterfly! I enjoyed a conversation with every one of them. Not something you could say for example, with how a wedding might go. For me anyway.

And now some Christmas plans have been discussed, and I’ve scheduled more planning (you have to plan to plan, haha!), and we’re ready to get into it. Busy week this week, with doctor and dentist check-ups.

OH, and I finally tried the dill pickles that we made a little while ago–MMMMMM, love love love!! So nice when new recipes succeed!

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