One Hot Tub Night Missed

Yesterday was our outdoor Fall Work Day, which we’d assumed would be on a sunny, crisply cool-weather day. HA! I ended up putting SHORTS on for heaven’s sake!

We did get quite a bit done:

  • all 3 of us had our annual doctor check-up first of all,
  • emptied and refilled the hot tub (the cool water would have been nice to climb into, if it hadn’t been so late by the time it was full again),
  • pruned away a few more branches, as well as the weed tree,
  • put away the rest of the chairs and tables that go in the shed for the winter,
  • scrubbed all parts of the greasy-greasy bbq,
  • put away a couple more things from the garage so that we can park there for the winter,
  • swept the leaves off the deck.

Emptying the hot tub was probably the most fun, once we got down to the point where we had to get out buckets. Rej was stationed at the tub, eventually leaning in so far that he was almost standing on his head. (I guess that’s why he kept saying “we’re getting a pump next time”.) He would pass the bucket to Sam who would pass it to me, who would take it to the drainage at the back. When the water got even lower, I climbed in, since I was the one in bare feet. I passed the bucket to Sam, who would sometimes throw it in a circle so that it splashed mostly on himself, and one time he tried throwing it by simply hanging on to the handle–quite something to see, how one can throw a bucket and keep all the water inside! :D

Anyway, the only Fall thing left to do, I think, will be Raking. And more Raking!

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