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The word for last week is “vaccine”, since I had three of them: flu shot, tetanus, and got talked into paying for the shingles vaccine. This week there is hardly anything happening out of the regular schedule, except for hazardous waste collection on Sunday, and letting the doctor tell us all off about something or other on Thursday (cholesterol? sugar?)

Soon there will be Christmas baking to get done for the freezer, and missionary company for a week. Our Small Group meets once a week, which is a good thing when you can never see anyone you know at the Sunday service. That’s mega-church for you! Of course, we need to get more involved as well. For me, you know that means doing something in the kids’ department. The Wednesday morning ladies’ group needed someone to help with their kids, so I might do that.

I try not to think about the Toronto things I miss, but a couple of them do pop up. Like having our church so close that I could go to something, and come back and get the guys later; and like our sweet Chinese friends. But perhaps we had to trade that close-ness for having these wonderful walking trails right behind our home. I just had to get out in the rain the other day, to take photos of the fabulous trees in their fall glory.

Speaking of photos, that’s something else that has to be gotten to, SOON. There’s about 1,000 in my Pending folder–from wedding, to moving photos, to all the ones I couldn’t resist downloading from Facebook (family photos), to all the recent fall & thanksgiving ones–oh MY, I’m so far behind!! But now that ALL the moving jobs are totally done, hopefully I’ll have time for that.

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