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In this season of change, however, I have learned much about the consistency of God.

He never changes.
He never forgets.
He never leaves.


So when change comes–as it inevitably will–fear not.  He just might be about to make a roadway in your wilderness, a river in a desert you didn’t realize you were inhabiting.
“Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert.”  –Isaiah 43:19 (NASB).

I didn’t write that, Regina Franklin did, in her blog (where she’s talking about moving to a new home, etc.). Which I “just happened” to come across this morning. :)

You see, continuing on the theme from yesterday’s post (which was written so poorly btw, that I’ve gone back to edit it–including adding a verse that says where to start), this morning I’ve been “spring cleaning” my devotional/Bible reading.

You Version is great, but I’ve been looking for a creative devotional that just goes on and on, and doesn’t have an end date. I need something a little more than just reading scripture, to help keep me focused, yet I kind of wanted a little more than just a study/commentary. In fact, I am doing both those things, but they are in a format that doesn’t have to be done every day (though I read them most days):

  • I do use You Version to read over the New Testament very slowly, only going on to the next verses when it “feels right”;
  • I use to read the Old Testament with a commentary, again only reading as much as I can take in at the time.

There were some email devotionals arriving in my inbox daily, but somehow they weren’t really “hitting home”, as much as they meant a lot to me at one time. So, more unsubscribing. What I went looking for was Daily Bread–you know how that’s been around for ages and ages, and I’m sure if you don’t read it, you know someone who does! However, it kind of looked to me like it’s more “for old folks”–large print, subject matter, etc. And at my age–approaching “old folks”–I avoid that category like the plague!

What I found was a ministry that is actually part of the same one that Daily Bread comes from: “Our Daily Journey”. One of the first things that grabbed my attention, is that they use Reftagger, which is what we use on our own websites: it means you can hover your mouse over scripture references and the words pop up for you to read, then you can click to read more if you want to (for example: Galatians 6:10). Love that!

They also have quite a few different bloggers, who seem quite professional (like Regina Franklin). Among other things that look good. So, we’ll see!

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