the unimportant things of life?

Just since that last post, I’ve come across 3 or 4 scripture references–the references only–that I knew what they were. It seems it’s the things you learn as a youth that stay with you!

Speaking of youth, I may not get as excited as those “old days”, about the change of seasons, or the anticipation of the next season, but it does only take a change to make me feel at least some excitement. In fact, I thrive on programs that progress and come to an end, and signal time for something new; at least new to this year.

This week it’s time to move from running intervals, to just running–for 35 minutes straight (to start)! Which means that in a couple of weeks it’ll be time to plan a whole new exercise program for the winter. Something to work out my upper body perhaps, since I’ve been quite delinquent about cross-training this time around, again. (Meaning I did very little for the non-run days.)

The other change is the one thing I didn’t get done from last post’s list: moving to my winter purse. And that is a whole new thing, since it’s one I crocheted!

Speaking of change, I do get tired of seeing the same profile photo with my posts every day…

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