My Christ-like Dad

Remember how Christ washed the disciples’ feet, and suggested that they should do the same: serve others vs being served? We were invited to my parents’ place for cards & supper yesterday, and my dad did a lot of serving! Bringing out drinks at various opportune times, and little peanut/almond snacks, cooking up sausage and hot dogs, even helping to put condiments on them, serving up dessert… My mom had to insist that she do something, since he was doing all the serving. I could say he felt guilty for winning at cards again… but no, he’s always like that–serving, serving, serving!

And they always make us feel Special when we go there; for example, they did not have to make up a fancy dessert (simple, but fancy)!

So, my dad used to say that he’s not a Christ-follower, but sometimes I wonder if he has been all along and is just keeping it secret… ;)

But speaking of food, November is the month to eat frugally. Time to prepare for December’s feasting! So: peanut butter on toast for lunches (no marg or butter), and cinnamon sugar for my weekend toast. Did you know that sugar has fewer calories than honey or jam? Also, I’m going to try giving up my bedtime cookie, which will be HARD. You know how habits are.

As far as the exercise goes, I have just one more week of running, then the Fit Test again, and maybe a few days of the “run-faster” program–we’ll see if all that fits in before snow. After that, it’s time to think of something creative and easy to do/stick to for the rest of the year. Change of season fun! Even season-within-the-season…

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