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I’m thinking for my final, 5K “run”, to try WALKING up the Hills, and maybe that’ll give me enough extra energy to complete most of the 5K actually “running”. Then I’d like to try the “increase speed” program, but I’m not hopeful that I’ll actually be able to run for 5 whole minutes at an intensity level of 7 (in the middle of the workout).

I’ll put on my calendar for June (when I’ll be making the next run-program plans), to plan on starting this 10-week run program in August (early mornings); because the Fall is so nice just for walking, and I feel bad when Sam wants a walk, but I can’t because I’m running that day. And the weather is so unpredictable. (I can run in the rain, but much nicer to walk when the weather is good.)

That’s if it IS a 10-week program… I should mix it up and go with an 8-week program that has just running at the end (vs intervals); and then add in an increase-speed week maybe in the middle. Yeah, that’s a good idea!


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