another 5K logged!

That looks cute, with no initial cap in the title, don’t you think?

Yeah, runner’s high here! My time improved by about 2.5 minutes from the last one, as far as I can figure out. I wasn’t timing it the same way before, plus it’s (of course) a whole different route this time. “Official” time: 49:36.39 –puddles, snowflakes, and all. Plus, I had little sleep last night!

But I actually kept running, and running, almost the whole time!! The Energizer Bunny, that’s me! There were 3 short hills that weren’t worth stopping for (as was planned), and 2 long-sloping hills that weren’t worth stopping for, so it ended up that I only stopped to walk up one steep hill! And then I stopped at Canyon Walk, just to give myself some cool down time (5 min.).

And now I’m going out to spend hours walking around investigating Christmas lights. ;)

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