Full of soup and biscuits, full of amazement, full of thankfulness, full of pleasure! It was our pleasure to host a couple of missionary ladies for lunch. That’s what I’ll start with.

The first girl (she seemed quite young) came in the front door exclaiming about our beautiful home, and then was so delighted with my china cabinet that she wanted to take a picture of it (“I love it!”) That made me feel good, because this is a cabinet I’ve added some design items to, and doing that always makes me wonder afterwards if I’ve done something weird. And of course, we’re always delighted when someone else takes delight in our new home.

Then the second lady arrived and introduced herself to everyone, we sat down and said grace, and then she got up and started serving soup to everyone! I just love it when people make themselves at home, because it means you’ve created an atmosphere that allows them to do that. Of course, having a serving-nature helps too… I suspect lots of missionaries do have that serving nature. ;)

I admit that, because of a couple of previous hostess-ing mishaps lately, I was wondering what might go wrong today. But everything went well, and the food was good. Everyone raved about the hot-out-of-the-oven cheese biscuits…. Story Time:

I’d decided to get everything ready for the biscuits so that all that was left to do was to add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, roll it out, cut, and then pop them into the oven. So late last night I did get the ingredients ready. This was the very moment when I was wondering that thing mentioned in the previous paragraph. And I discovered that one ingredient was missing. A long-time, well-trusted recipe, and I was missing the 1 cup of cottage cheese, to add with the milk and cubes of cheddar.

What to do? Yours truly is NOT one to work outside a recipe! I ended up adding a little more butter, and a little more milk. It was slightly questionable today when the oven was pouring out smoke, but that was just because the oven needed cleaning. (That was when I was thankful for this larger house, because the group in the Living Room did not notice the smoke in the Family Room/Kitchen!)

But yes, the biscuits were commented on several times. But never mind the food, we had a great visit. And the young lady chews her ice exactly like Sam does. :D

As for the rest of the Missions Conference, notes WILL be coming over the next several days–be warned!

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