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The missions conference notes that were promised 4 days ago have NOT been forgotten! Even if it is getting into the busy-time of pre-Christmas stuff.

The main speaker was Bill Hogg, and I wish we could have heard all of his sermons, but there were just so many interesting sessions to choose from. His Scottish accent was pleasant and quite easy to understand; and he looked so unassuming–like a little mountain man, or farmer.

The week began on Tuesday with missionaries speaking at the kids’ & youth groups, to the women on Wednesday morning and evening, to the seniors’ group, the missionary committee, the young adults, at a special family day, etc. But on Friday Bill Hogg kicked off his series on the theme of the conference (and indeed, of this church): “City, Country, World”. With introductory statements like “Quebec is less evangelized than Pakistan” (!!!) and “It can no longer be ‘business as usual in Canada'”, he then went on to make 5 excellent points.

  1. We need to step out, energized by a clear declaration of the Supremecy of Jesus. This is where some people have trouble, because they may believe a lot about the Bible, but their Christology is lacking. Yet, if you actually read that Book carefully, you see that it’s all ABOUT Jesus. (Matt. 28:16-20) There can be no compromise. (Though everyone is invited to believe.) Yes, we are called to be winsome and engaging in our witness, but we are NOT called to be politically correct.
  2. Jesus had compassion on the multitudes–pray that God would break your heart with what breaks His. (Matt. 9:38)
  3. Make disciples: We are NOT to make the church, Jesus will build the Church. sometimes it’s easier to run programs than it is to make disciples.
  4. PRAY LIKE CRAZY! “Ask the Lord of the harvest”, Jesus said. This is also where Mr. Hogg talked about the “Secret Sauce”–the importance of the Holy Spirit.
  5. Pour yourself into it… I think he said to pour yourself into missions, but this is where he talked about the value of church planting: the most effective evangelistic tool–not para-church activities, not mega churches, etc.

OK, that should tide you over to the next notes. ;)

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