The stuff of movies

Some things never change: the Mother Goose float still leads the Santa Claus parade, and tomorrow I have to do my Wood Floor Job so that we’ll be ready to decorate in a couple of weeks! Of course, how I decorate will likely be totally different…

Some people though, just never know what’s going to happen. They trust God to guide them, and with their obedience they get to see wonderful things happen! The couple I’m thinking of is Florrie and Allan McGuirl, who started a ministry of dropping little shortwave radios, that are solar powered, in places where it would be difficult to take them, and where people would otherwise never get to hear the Gospel.

This organization (GALCOM, Hebrew for something) has been going now for 25 years, and they recently put together their 1 millionth radio. Allan & Florrie are now semi-retired, so while others take over the main part of the operations, they go around and do speaking engagements–like at our Missions Conference last weekend. It was quite something to see Allan take one radio after another out of his pockets, as he described their development.

And the stories they had to tell! How time and time again, something worked out so amazingly. Wish I could remember them all. How people with the right contacts and the right experience/knowledge “just happened” to meet up. How governments allowed radio stations to be put up. Even to see how they managed to transform a truly ramshackle “haunted house” into their home–I tell you, it’s the stuff of movies! In fact, they’ve written a book about it… I bet we could find that on their website:

Yeah, think I’ll check it out, right now!

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