waiting another week, or so…

Remember when November was the time to be secretive about your Christmas activities? The three of us would each listen to Christmas music in our headphones, so as not to bother each other with the earliness of it.

It’s not just that the stores are all displaying decorations, but everyone on Facebook seems to be “into it” already. Maybe it’s the snow, and the sunshine, and the desire for cheering-up things in these sun-short days. And I have done my wood-floor cleaning, and we’ve put up outside lights (white, so that they can stay up all winter), and I’m getting anxious to put up Christmas decorations! But… gotta hold off *grunt*… not until the end of November now, come on…

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to get some more of these wedding photos sorted, before it’s time to look at the Christmas ones.

Yeah, not much to talk about today; but I’m trying not to skip too many days, because I MISS it when I’m reading my previous posts (from two years ago). No humility here! Well, actually it can be humiliating, the odd time. :P


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