in which the word HUGE is used too often

Things can go on in a doldrum sort of of way, and then suddenly you realize there’s lots to be excited about. It’s tempting to put exclamation marks at the end of each of these, but that’s something I’m trying to cut down on (as well as ellipsis, brackets… oops!)

  • I love the new place I found for my barn–up on top of the kitchen cabinets, right in my line of view (and no one can knock over the little wooden animals)–and I’m looking forward to decorating it for Christmas.
  • Costco had these neat LED battery-powered candles, which are real wax and smell like it too; can’t wait to use them in the windows for Christmas.
  • The second Broccoli Slipper I’m knitting is much easier than the first one was, now that I’m practised. This is a HUGE wool that I bought at a HUGE discount when Zellers was closing down, but it was awhile before I could figure out what to do with it. Thanks to Ravelry, I found someone else who had the same problem, and worked it out to a pattern for slippers. A friend on Facebook commented that the green-knitted triangle looked like broccoli, hence my nickname. The second slipper is going to be pink… isn’t that the style, two different colours for your feet??
  • It sure was tempting to unpack the Christmas box, these last few days, but I managed to hold off, so far! Which means that I’m getting some of my HUGE pile of photos sorted. FINALLY finished with the wedding photos, almost finished with the bridal shower, next will be Easter and Dad’s triathalon, then the multitude of family pics I saved from Facebook… whew!

There are probably even more things to be excited about, but that will do for now!.

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