You will not understand why this meant so much to me; unless perhaps, you’ve seen my Christmas tree in Toronto, with the sunlight streaming through the window and sparkling on its decorations. And if you understand that we can still miss Toronto sometimes, if we let ourselves think about it. And if you know us well, you know that it takes awhile for us to get connected in new circles (for which reason, we are SO thankful for family nearby!)

To start with, it took me all afternoon to just get the lights on the tree. This year was supposed to be my “retro”-themed decorations, but most of the multi-coloured lights were dead; so I switched to “angels & nature”, which is silvery with all white lights. Then I noticed that because more of my tree is exposed (it’s not in such a corner here), we could use more lights on it. So we tried the new LEDs we got at the huge sale price at Costco. One string wasn’t enough, so pull out another string to spread them out… then totally change your mind and take them all off again. :S (They are such a “blue” white!)

But as I brought the tree decorations downstairs, and passed by the living room where the sun now begins to pour in, in the afternoon, I almost changed my mind about where to put the Christmas tree. However, that just wouldn’t do, for various reasons. This made me very sad, because although we get LOTS of sun coming into the Family Room in the spring and summer, it’s barely coming in here all day, at this time of year. So when you’ve been so excited about putting up the tree, this “little” thing can be quite dampening.

Enter 4 pm. The sun was shining on my tree!!! I squealed and exclaimed, and caused Sam to cheer with me–it was coming all the way from the living room! And making a beautiful sun-shadow on the wall behind, and lasted for at least half an hour!

Making-supper Time is going to be a wonderful thing around here now!

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