You. are beautiful.

New morning routine: plug the coffee in, then turn on the fireplace, pull my chair right up to it, and refuse to open my computer until the coffee is ready. (The first morning readings are on my phone anyway.) Even then, I turn the brightness down on my computer. After the first coffee, it’s time to turn the fireplace off, push my chair back, and watch the sun rise light up the sky.

One of my morning readings was about appreciating the way God made you (see Psalm 139). My parents would like that one, since they don’t like me ever to say anything about not liking my looks. They think I’m beautiful, of course. :)  Amazingly, I also have the most handsome son you can imagine!

Apparently, there are a lot of people who actually have surgery to make themselves look “western”–on their eyes, their lips, etc. How sad! God made such a wonderful, beautiful variety of people. I just love how the missionaries these days have awakened to the potential of each separate culture bringing glory to God using their own culture. It reminds me of that wonderful Newsboys song, “He Reigns”, that describes “every tribe, every nation” (right from scripture, btw) singing the “song of the redeemed”.

Anyway, be sure to look after that beautiful, intricately designed body that God gave you. After all, how would you like it if you gave a gift to someone, and they totally misused it?

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