one of those – Enter title here – kind of days?

Abraham and Sarah did not have one of those lovey-dovey relationships, I’m pretty sure. They were more like a brother and sister who have trouble getting along sometimes. In fact, she was indeed his half-sister. Imagine–giving your wife to the king of the country just to save your own neck!

Did he assume that the king would not get around to her, since he had so many in his harem? Or did the culture of the time just not place very much importance on sexual relations? (Remember how Lot was willing to give up his daughters to the men who wanted to rape his visitors.) And another thing: why did Abraham worry about Sarah’s beauty, even at that ripe old age? Was it just in his own mind? In which case, perhaps women coming in to the country were snatched up for the king’s harem just as a matter of course? Anyway, neat to see that this king did have a respect for God, that Abraham wasn’t the only “righteous” one in the land–in fact, Abraham totally deserved that telling-off that he got from the king.

Interesting things to think about!

Not so interesting, I’m finding, to try and think of one word that would describe my week. “Eating” would be a good one, since we celebrated Rej’s birthday on Tuesday at Mom & Dad’s, and again on Wednesday at the nearby Chinese restaurant. “Work” was the first thing that came to mind though, just because we recently had to make two trips to the Shop. Perhaps the Decorating for Christmas could also be considered work? Whatever, it sure felt good to get into the hot tub last night, and feel those massaging jets on my back!

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