Come, shine!

The translation of the word “Advent” is “Coming”. At the same time that we celebrate Christ’s first Coming, we look forward to his second Coming.

But my word for this week is “Come”. This is a season full of invitations–to parties, dinners, concerts, and more. Invitations call out to us even from hundreds of years Before Christmas: “Come you who are thirsty…”, and “O Come, O come Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel” (if that’s not exact scripture, at least it comes from the spirit of the prophecies concerning Messiah).

Then, there are Jesus’ invitations, like “Come to me, all of you who are weary and heavily burdened, and I will give you rest”, and “Come, follow me…” These days, especially if you ever suffer that “non-peace” that I talked about yesterday, you may be tempted to quote Revelations with that invitation TO Christ: “Even so, Come Lord Jesus!”

Our pastor is always telling us that we need to invite others to come to God; in fact, he reminded us last Sunday that our whole purpose in life is to make disciples. That is part of the “yearning toward others” that I mentioned yesterday, and that Pastor Jay also talked about (AFTER I had the idea, haha).

Now, lest you think I’m too serious sometimes, here’s something to provide balance. Reading it this morning certainly balanced me! It’s from an old Henri Nouwen Advent devotional.

Many of us have become so serious and intense, so filled with preoccupations about the future of the world and the Church, so burdened by our own loneliness and isolation, that our hearts are veiled by a dark sadness, preventing us from exuding the peace and the joy of God’s children. You know as well as I that when our words are full of warnings, our eyes full of fears, our bodies full of unfulfilled needs and our actions full of distrust, we cannot expect ever to create around us a community that shines as a light in the darkness.

NOTE TO SELF: for blank days, try reading a TAG.


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