in which there is no Point

Do you ever feel like you’ve read everything there is to read, and said everything there is to say? I’ve said it ALL, so all you have to do now is go back and read what I’ve written already, for the past 8 years. All those little hints for body and soul that abound so much everywhere–I’ve seen them ALL before. I know it all, already!

I Know-it-All… hmmm, well, at least I know it for a few minutes, while I’m reading it. Some things don’t stay with me for very long, but, when I see it again the memory is there that it’s been through my brain already.

There are soooo many wonderful organizations to be connected with, each with their own newsletter to read. There’s SO much news to keep abreast of! Gone are the days when I can even get to the “end” of my facebook newsfeed (meaning caught up to where I’ve already read–which is hard to tell these days, since “recent” also means old posts with “recent” comments or likes). Don’t you sometimes feel like putting your hands over your ears and closing your eyes and saying “Enough!”

I’m not even sure what Point I’m getting to here. Maybe I’ve made all the points there are to be made already!

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