It’s not all about Eating; however…

What an excellent idea to “Simplify” around Christmas; my problem is, there isn’t anything I really want to give up. Take this glorious list, for example:

  • Today – family coming to stay the weekend (more people to exclaim over our beautiful new home)
  • Tomorrow – we must show them The Chelsea Pub, for dinner
  • Sunday – we’re all invited to Rej’s Nearby Niece for a Christmas Celebration Meal; also, it’s our church’s choir & orchestra concert
  • Tuesday – for Sam’s & my brother’s birthday, we’re all going out for fish & chips to The Swan on the Rideau
  • Thursday – our Small Group Christmas Due, a “providential supper” (the host avoids the term “potluck”, lol)
  • Saturday – Sam’s Real Birthday, so we’ll probably do something small, because–
  • Sunday – we’re celebrating it by taking him to a Celtic Pub for a 3- and 4-part Christmas carol sing!

The only thing I have to do in all that, besides supper tonight and something small on Saturday, is bake for Thursday. And be very careful in between times, to keep ourselves healthy for all that. Maybe it’s the people we’re going TO who need to simplify!  ;) We may wonder if we really want them to, but remember, it’s the COMPANY that counts.

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