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The most amazing thing from last night’s Small Group party, is that my son Sam–he himself–was the very one (no one else was able to) who led all 18 of us in singing (yes, I said singing) his favourite Christmas carol: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day! If you know my guys, neither of them sing, they just sit/stand there and enjoy the music. And this particular carol is a difficult one to get the first line in tune; in fact, we (meaning “I”) started wrong and had to regroup and just let Sam lead us. It was amazing!

The second most amazing thing was that I was able to route my present to the right person. You see, we played that game where everyone brings a wrapped present, and they’re all in a pile in the middle of the room. Each person gets a turn to either pick a present from the middle, or take one away from someone who has already chosen. No unwrapping until all the presents have been chosen.

I knew there were going to be kids there, and wondered how they would fit in. Turns out they were just to watch, however they enjoyed watching their parents participate, and helped them to choose the gifts. One of our gifts was a light-up reindeer antler head-gear thing, and I attached a little bendable reindeer to the outside of the package. So I chose that one, and kept holding it up and jiggling the reindeer to attract people to take it. Someone took it from me, and I took it back (the third time a present goes to someone, it stays). Then finally, the kids urged their Dad to choose that one, and I was able to end the game by taking the last present on the floor. So, one of the twin girls had the antlers, and the other had the bendable reindeer. :)

The third most amazing thing is that I actually tried a little of everything from the pot luck food, even curried goat–and it was kinda good! The fourth most amazing thing is that my sugar pie turned out perfect, and there was a whole pie left to take home!

Oops, shouldn’t have let THAT out!

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