Christmas Presence is the BEST Christmas Present!

This truth (from the title) was truly amplified for me yesterday, as we had my family here for Christmas Dinner. I’m quite sure people all over the continent were enjoying this type of presence-present.

It’s also a way of describing why Christians SO love the name “Emmanel” from Christmastime. That name translated means “God With Us”. And we can never cease to be amazed that God could–would–actually become one of us, and then undergo all the suffering that we could ever experience here on earth, in order for God to be “with us”, always. (Matthew 28:20)

Often you experience that Presence only through others–good friends, family, loved ones. But in those moments when there is no one around, and/or you’re going through anything difficult, what a wonderful thing to remember that God is with you!* That one truth can get you through.

profile christmas(*If you don’t have that assurance, you may be able to find it through one of my tabs, at the top of my Home page… “Simple..”)


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