On this 11th Day of Christmas

If you don’t journal, you should consider it, it’s SUCH an amazing experience to review the past, how you’ve grown, etc. I’ve just clicked on my “word 2014” tag, to read over all those posts (not really that many). Wow, how wonderful! (It’s not about me of course, but about… well–life! And the people in it, etc.)

My One Word for 2014 was “plan”. It was quite the year for making NEW plans!

The New Year is a good time for that kind of planning too. One of the things I’ve planned, is to summarize the sermon in one sentence, phrase, or even word (there I go with that “word craze” thing again!) Then I can easily glance at that summary throughout the week. It’s also to increase faith that God speaks to me, usually, through Sunday’s sermon–that he has led me to this time and this place to hear these particular things.

This week’s sum fits right in to the idea of plans/purpose. (Did you expect otherwise?) Pastor Tim was talking about dealing with suffering, or disrupted plans, or things just not working out the way we had hoped. All we need to do is remember that God is Sovereign, and take delight in that fact!

Our Sovereign God gives HOPE and PURPOSE

That could almost be a summary of my year, especially concerning my One Word!

Tomorrow I’ll let you know about my One Word for 2015. Are you choosing one?

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