He’s on his way!

Most people are back to work, but that doesn’t mean this week is totally back to routine. The usual schedule is still mixed up, to make up for things that didn’t get done during the holidays; and of course there’s the Tree to take down. Not until tomorrow though (Epiphany), since today it is STILL Christmas!

It’s still a week of making plans and goals, and deciding on new things for the new year. I have to make notes about how to do things better for NEXT Christmas. :)

Now, to move on from “Plan” (last year’s Word), my One Word for 2015 is: “Serve“.

I came across a couple of different things when that word was deciding itself for me; and then while I was thinking about it during our drive up North for New Year’s, a lady from the church called to ask if I was still interested in “serving”.  One reason it’s a good word for 2015, is because this is when we should be getting back into church volunteer work, getting more settled into our new home. Also, as you may recall, I’d noticed how good my Dad is at serving when people visit them. My two brothers certainly seemed like a chip off his block, as they stood up and went around the table serving food, at our Christmas Dinner.

So how can I serve you? Here’s one idea: instead of thinking of this blog as being mainly for me, maybe I should think about my readers (all 7 or 8 of them), just a little. :) That would be not in what I write, particularly, but in the fact that I would pray for you before I write. There is so much “fluffiness” going around, and this place here is just more of the same… BUT: if you consider that I have been specific in my prayers, there IS a chance that there will be something here that happens to be just what you need, in a certain time.

So allow me to serve up a slice of Soul Pie:

“Glory and strength to Christ, who loves us, who blood-washed our sins from our lives, Who made us a Kingdom, Priests for his Father, forever–and yes, he’s on his way!” (Revelations 1:5-7)

Lord, for those who are facing uncomfortable situations this week, I pray that You would surround them with miracle-peace. Grant them assurance of your healing presence.

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