84 Blessings, counted.

No, I’m not going to list ALL of the blessings (written on little strips of paper) from my blessing jar for you. Some of them were “small” things, even though they meant a lot to me at the time. That’s what I find difficult about filling up a “blessing jar”–there are so, so many that you could really add, it’s hard to draw the line between everyday sort of blessings, and others.

Of course, some were very easy to pick out as “huge”, unusual blessings; but both kinds were fun to read over! I just have to make some kind of summary of them…

January had the most, with 17, probably because of the novelty of doing this. But a lot of those involved encouragement from friends, especially on Facebook. The other months had usually anywhere from 7 to 9 blessings, with a couple of the months having only 4 and 5 (probably the busy months).

I’m going to pick out a “few” so here goes: this is going to be a long post. You have my permission to skim. ;) I noticed some of them seem to be off by a day, when I compare with facebook posts. Oh well.


  • 01–Rej & Sam played cards with me, and Sam finished several hands ahead! (Frustration… you’ll see how many times card games were in my blessings, lol!)
  • 23–enjoyed long game of Frustration with Mom and Dad and Sam; then the Girls WON at Foot (another card game), catching them with their feet, no Wild Pile, and NO canastas!!


  • 01–lovely, warm shovelling in the evening
  • 09–Emily & David’s song (my cousin’s children, who recorded a song about trusting God, which I heard at a time when I really needed it: I was very deeply affected)
  • 18–low FODMAPS (a discovery diet)—Sam wants to try it!! (And this is why I should have trusted God instead of worrying! ;) )


  • 11–Sam’s first good day since December (thanks to low FODMAPS)
  • 17–PERFECT day for Sam!! (first in MONTHS)

APRIL: (There were only 4 for April, but just look at those 4!)

  • 02–family getting excited that we might move (So, it was just at the end of March that we began to think about moving.)
  • 05–machines (bitcoin) arrived 2 days early (This has to do with our business, which is really what got “the ball rolling” for our thinking about moving.)
  • 09–signed papers to sell our home     !!!!
  • 29–SOLD!! (What a whirlwind 20 days!!!)

MAY was pretty important too, even though it had only TWO blessings:

  • 05–BOUGHT our new home! (I believe this is also the day that we discovered I was pregnant, 27 years ago, and the day Rej’s parents were married… much before of course :P)
  • 26–35 years together!! (Rej & I ;) )

The exciting one for JUNE: 30th–sale of TO home COMPLETED!! (By this time we were “homeless”/living in our trailer at Mom & Dad’s when we got the news. It had NOT been a given; friends of ours who were selling around the same time, had their first offer that they accepted fall through.)

In JULY, there were THREE blessings for one day!! On the 7th–

  • found the PERFECT spot for my chair (This was when I first felt “at home”. We moved in on the 3rd, so it was only 4 days later… I thought it was weeks! :D )
  • decided/confirmed that our church will be The Met
  • enjoying the hot tub ALREADY! (OH my, I’ll never forget the wonderful feeling of this on those sore muscles, after the hard work of unpacking every day!)

A main theme for AUGUST, seems to be visits to our new home (and some to others):

  • 02–for Mom’s 75th birthday party (not here), the storm passed over
  • 04–finished unpacking in ONE MONTH!! (Wow! NEVER thought that would happen!!)
  • 08–first time able to just do nothing but relax outside for the afternoon (Actually, there was a similar “blessing” back in January, without the “outside” part.)
  • 12–Joy & Richard here to visit; supper turned out well
  • 14–blessing of FAMILY when your meal goes all wrong [stove wasn’t turned on for the roast!] (LOL, 2 opposites here!)
  • 23–New Home celebration party (Mom & Dad; Tsangs… and lots of well wishes from others)
  • 31–bright, double rainbow that lasted for awhile!

SEPTEMBER: These two things are a sign of how wonderful it is to live near family and old friends.

  • 24–COFFEE with Glenda!! (My best friend from high school.)
  • 26–Mom & Dad dropped in for a FEW minutes!! (we live THAT close!)


  • 06–got to play cards with Sam and Dave (Sam’s friend visiting from Toronto)
  • 11–able to eat Thanksgiving dinner OUTSIDE again (at Mom & Dad’s)
  • 26–finally found people we know at church on Sunday (that took a few months!!)


  • 27–First Small Group at OUR house
  • 28–sunlight hits the Christmas Tree!

DECEMBER: you know it’s gotta end with–

  • 02–*I* won at Frustration!       :D

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