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Yesterday’s sermon was about the Unstoppable Gospel (Pastor Jay is working his way through Acts, and we’re on Chapter 9), but what I got out of it came with his highlight right at the end. And it fits right in with my One Word, “serve” (as many things will, this year).

It was a small, almost unnoticeable point about Peter, how he stayed for quite awhile with Simon the tanner. You see, tanners had such a stinky trade, that even women were allowed to divorce them if they couldn’t bear it (this is also according to Mrs. G’s research). They were near the bottom of society. But, Peter stayed there quite awhile!

Also, previously in the story, there was Tabitha; who did so much service for the poor/widows–even though she was young (“Gazelle”). So, my sermon words for this week are: true Mission (true religion) means copying God’s Mercy-love: (and mercy means) loving the “unlovable”.

One more thing that goes right along with all that: my brother’s “mission” with his Good Guys Tri (an athletic group that does fund-raisers for those in need) several days ago, which was a day spent handing out warm hats and mitts etc., to the homeless/needy in downtown Ottawa. He wrote about it for their newsletter, “A View From the Streets”. Talk about acting on your values!

“Don’t quit, even if it costs you your life. Stay there believing. I have a Life-Crown sized and ready for you.” (Revelations 2:10)

Stir up our faith Lord, so that we can know without a doubt that this life is not all there is. Help us to remember that in ourselves we cannot do all the good that needs to be done, that we need to rely on Your help.

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