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My current dilemma, is how to choose which missionary things to read/follow/do. There are so many choices, I’ve come to realize that one can’t do them all! My present list needs some weeding:

  • Follow the list of prayer suggestions that I compiled from my notes on Perspectives, the missionary course we took (this will be kept for sure, since it’s kind of like personal experience);
  • Joshua Project email, describing different unreached people groups and their needs, with prayer suggestions (you can choose how often to receive these);
  • Global Digest People of the Day email, along the same lines;
  • Email notifications from our church’s missionary Facebook page;
  • Website page with suggestions on how to pray for the persecuted church;
  • Daily email from Compassion Canada, with a verse to match a specific prayer request from any of their child centres around the world (this will also be kept, since Compassion is such an excellent charity, and poverty is such an important issue, and children are the future! Besides, the emails are short, and the verses are always so good.)
  • Our church also has the option to “Adopt a Missionary”;
  • Still keeping up to date and praying for a young missionary family from our old church in Toronto, who ministers in Pakistan;
  • There a few different blogs of missionaries that I’ve signed up for emailed updates (but missionaries are too busy missioning to make posts too often anyway…);
  • Although Compassion International has an excellent blog that they update regularly, though not too often (once a week?);
  • So does Focus on the Family;
  • Defend Dignity (a Christian organization advocating for good prostitution laws) updates their Facebook page quite often;

There’s probably more that I haven’t thought of. And now that I’ve listed them, I’m feeling like I don’t really want to give up ANY of them! The newer ones tend to get neglected, but they’re from our new church, so I don’t really want to stop them either… hmmmmm.

Well, right now I have to get ready for my own little “mission”: looking after a bunch of 4 year olds so that their moms can enjoy some fellowship and Bible study!

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