Trivial pursuits

Yesterday as I was grocery shopping, I thought of so many little things that I’m fussy & bothered about. I feel like putting exclamation marks on all of them.

  • Peppermint tea that comes in extra packaging–each individual tea bag in an envelope that sometimes isn’t even recyclable, since it has foil inside.
  • No Name peppermint tea is the only one I’ve found (except for loose tea leaves) that isn’t extra-packaged, but for 2 weeks now they’ve been out of it at my Independant. Celestial Seasonings is also a good brand, but only the bulk food store in Toronto seemed to have it.
  • Coffee tins always have that lip around the inside-top, that makes it impossible to shake out that last bit of coffee.
  • Trends that leave out those who haven’t changed their tastes to the new thing, i.e. individual coffee-cup thingies–now the shelves are full of them, and there is less choice of the old kind of coffee.
  • One used to be able to find baggies that were NOT zippered! Doesn’t anyone else prefer to use a twist tie?
  • Cashiers who insist on putting the bag of lettuce, and sometimes even bread, in with the heavier things that will squish it.
  • Walmart has this neat, foldable naan bread, but they’re only in two weird flavours: all-grain and flax. Whatever happened to normal/regular?!
  • Corn tortillas (the soft ones) are only available at Metro, which would be a THIRD stop on grocery day.

I’m sure there were more things… But yesterday was also Small Group day. Last night was just “chalk full” of fascinating, exciting, beautiful stories (true ones), as well as heart-breaking ones at prayer time. Way to make the above list shrivel in importance! I’ve ended up talking about the trivial more, but perhaps the other is too… precious for words?

However, as I was thinking and praying about these things, and how some of us were close to tears last night as we listened to people share, I opened up the day’s devotional. The title was “Tears”.

Our tears are a gift from God. We should not swallow them; we should let them flow when it is time so that we remain vivid and healthy in body and soul.

“Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.” — Psalm 126:6

Thank You for both joy and sorrow–use it all for the purpose of bringing others to Your love.

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