the boundaries are fixed

Our sermon on Sunday was a break from the series in Acts that we’ve been doing. This one (based on John 21) was about Jesus meeting the disciples on the beach with breakfast (he provides for every need) and then asking Peter three times “Do you love me?” Amazing how many times you can get something new out of an old story.

I’d heard before about the disciples here being called a little church community, who decided to start by just doing what they knew: they went fishing. But something I hadn’t thought of was the fact that Jesus kept asking Peter that question because he wanted more than words. When he says “Follow me”, it always involves leaving something behind (this week’s sermon words, for me). The verses near the end of the story hint at the extent to which Peter will leave “things” behind (a prophecy of his martyr).

I forget where in the sermon it came in, but I also appreciated the reminder that sometimes we just need to understand that we can’t understand. As I always say, if we could understand God, then he wouldn’t be God. On the other hand, there’s a whole 66 books written to help us know God at least a little–and by that we at least know (among other thins) that he is Good, and that he is in control…

“Yours is the day, Yours also the night; You have established the heavenly lights and the sun. You have fixed all the boundaries of the earth; You have made summer and winter.” (Psalm 74:16-17)

Night, and Winter can be hard; but then there are stars, and cross-country skiing! I’m hoping for a little more snow though, to go out this week. The temps are supposed to be not-quite-so-cold.

Meanwhile, I’ve chosen a new crochet project–a really neat blanket made out of 20 different squares, each designed by a different person. It’s from a magazine contest someone had awhile ago, and it’s called “Chain Reaction”. Some of the squares are pretty detailed/complicated, so I might pick and choose the ones I want to do. And if I run out of scraps, I’ll just have to use a neutral brown to finish it up.

For any who are sick, or experiencing night, I pray they may find purpose through it.

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