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Working on getting caught up on all my photos from last year, I’ve finally made it to September! Of course there were hundreds from the wedding, and quite a few about The Move. September is a triathlon, then there’s Fall with its visiting, Thanksgiving, more autumn-scene pictures, etc.

It was rather a blessing to go through my August “walk” photos, from the trails around our new home. I wanted to put some kind of “stamp” on them, so everyone would know where they were taken, no matter what jumble they might get mixed up into (in screensavers etc.). Often, my “stamp” is just some kind of text, discreetly placed somewhere on the photo. My first thought was to put “MINE”… but that wouldn’t work, because some of the photos were actually of other people’s homes in the neighbourhood. So I finally decided to just lovingly call them “Riverside South”, which is the name of the residential area where we are in Ottawa.

Then it was fun to find the right strategic spot in each photo, for the text box; like this one…

walk IMG_0934That airplane-trail came in handy! And yes, we do live fairly close to the Ottawa Airport.

“Pray diligently. Stay alert, with your eyes wide open in gratitude.” (Col. 4:2)

Remind us often, to be filled with Your praise!

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