Tags can be a fun way to keep track of things, and compare later. A new one I started this year is “unplanned”, but there hasn’t been a lot of unplanned things happening–which one can be thankful for! However, I’ve noticed that every week seems to have things that are out-of-routine (like dentist appointments, visits/visitors, etc.); so the easier thing might be to notice how many weeks have NO out-of-routine things in them.

More snow is piling up here for the weekend, which is starting to be pretty “routine”. It does make for wonderful cross-country skiing, which I STILL feel excited about, even though I’ve been for three times now! There wasn’t quite enough snow the first time, it was pretty windy the second time, but yesterday it was almost-perfect. But I got very warm!

Anyway, because of all this, and because I had mentioned that the “next up” was to go skiing at night (meaning soon, not my “next” activity), the post I’ve just read from two years ago fits RIGHT in! I don’t often say I enjoy my own poetry, but I do like that one…

“Study God and his strength, seek his presence day and night” (1 Chron. 16:11)

May we “study” You, through all the things we experience, as well as in what You’ve said.

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