“Setting the mood” is important for me, and so there are lots of things that I like to do for the season of Lent, the days leading up to Easter (40 of them, not including Sundays). I try to make it like part of my worship. It’s like a reminder of:

  • the suffering that Christ went through,
  • the difference the crucifixion makes in your life when you accept it as payment for your own debt to God,
  • the difference the cross and resurrection makes in the world,
  • the joy of going from death to life–when Easter comes and you celebrate with feasting, flowers everywhere, etc.

So I do things like taking down the winter decorations, giving up certain indulgences, giving up a little extra time for personal reflection, etc. And usually, I try to think of a special theme for blogging. All this gets planned out a few days before; but even as I tried to fall asleep last night, I still couldn’t think of what to blog about.

After awhile, you seem to use up all the things that you could say, all the themes that are out there. And sometimes, you just get tired of it!

However, just before I fell asleep, I came across something on Facebook (isn’t that what you do when you can’t sleep–check Facebook?) It was shared by a trusted friend, so I clicked and signed up right away, to be looked over in the morning. It looks like a great idea!

“40 Acts” is run by an organization called Stewardship, who exist to help lots of different churches figure out their stewardship–sounds wonderful already. Anyway, the idea is that you do something generous every day for 40 days. An email each day includes a devotional, and then three different suggestions–easy, medium, more challenging. Today’s medium suggestion: journal about it! :)

I’m supposed to keep a list of all the people I’d like to bless, and document all the things I learn over the 40 days. Well, I’d really like to bless everyone I come in contact with… but perhaps it would be a good idea to just choose a few. Will I really be able to do things any different than I usually do? We’ll see!

This could also, maybe, be tagged with my One Word for the year (“serve”).

“I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come.  I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.’” (Isaiah 46:10)

Cause that Light to go on in our heads, and rise in our hearts, as we near the season of Easter.

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