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Well, that didn’t work out quite the way it was supposed to!

If you saw my status yesterday, you’d know that I was inspired by the author of the second day of #40acts, who knew the names of all the cashiers she sees regularly. Since it happened to be my grocery-shopping day, I determined to speak to my own cashiers by name, as my own “adapted” challenge for the second day. Sooooo….

One cashier told me I was “looking great” first off, and the other one pulled out a family photo to show me. In other words, they blessed me, before I hardly had a chance!

The first lady was not wearing a name tag. Yes, I was planning on this “cheat” right from the beginning; so I kind of backed off when I couldn’t plainly see her name. But I did “chinwag” with her quite a bit (well, she’s actually one who ALWAYS loves to talk–another “cheat point”), and told her how lovely her haircut was, etc. The second lady did have a nametag (which I did use); but as I say, she started into it before I had a chance to be the initiator. However, I’m determined to do better at this one next week!

Today’s challenge is about being generous to the environment, and all the suggestions are things I do anyway. However, my cousin’s daughter actually has set up a whole website and facebook page about picking up litter. She has a challenge on about picking up 10 pieces every day, which I have not joined, in case I get too busy. But maybe today while I’m on my walk, I could look for litter to pick up. The mounds of snow out there is probably covering most of it, although since today is cardboard-collection day, there might indeed be some stuff flying around in the wind!

“You shall love the stranger.” (Deuteronomy 10:19)

I pray for those two ladies, that they would know how much You love them.

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